Arbor Art Therapy - A place for creativity, healing, and transformation

Creativity, Healing, & Transformation
Arbor Art Therapy is based on the core belief that art-making is healing and transformative, and discovering your creative essence within is fundamental for finding balance and living well. All people have the potential for growth and transformation and are innately creative beings in search of meaning, and a creative process to give form to their meaning.

Creative Expression as a long-term Wellness Practice
As human beings, we are meant to create...and actively engaging in the creative process has numerous and far-reaching benefits to our overall wellness.     
Creativity may take the form of art-making, crafting, building, writing, cooking, gardening, and on and on and on...
These activities have been shown to enhance brain-functioning, improve mood, alleviate depression, decrease anxiety, promote relaxation and reduce stress.

Creativity & Art truly heal the mind, body, & soul.
Developing an ongoing creative practice promotes growth and healing, and the healing potential of creativity will bring about an eventual transformation in one's life. Initially starting just within the creative process, and eventually transferring over into everyday life.

"Transformation is a process that involves positive, long-term change, and practice is the seedbed where the miracle of transformation takes place."
(The Soul's Palette, Cathy Malchiodi)