Arbor Art Therapy - A place for creativity, healing, and transformation

What is art therapy?
Art therapy is a healing profession and a dynamic therapy which requires people to participate in their own treatment through the creative process. Art therapy is a method of psychotherapy that uses image and creativity to foster awareness and growth, and is founded on the belief that art making is healing and life enhancing. Art therapy is based on the creative process and utilizes art media, images, creative expression and client responses as reflections of the individual and a vehicle for transformation.  
What is an art therapist?
We are psychotherapists who are specially trained in both art and psychology. As credentialed professionals, we use the creative process as a means of self-exploration, expression, awareness and transformation.   
What are the benefits of art therapy?
Improve coping skills and process trauma
Express emotion and release tension and stress
Develop creativity and foster self-esteem
Develop an understanding of self and others
Find meaning through new insights and information
Improve problem solving skills and enhance cognitive ability   
What credentials do art therapists have?
A.T.R.- Registered Art Therapist – individuals who are nationally recognized as having successfully met educational and professional requirements by the Art Therapy Credentialing Board (ATCB).
B.C. – Board Certified Art Therapist – those individuals who in addition to registration, have passed the national certification exam for art therapists.
L.C.A.T. – Licensed Creative Art Therapist – professional art therapists who are recognized by New York State as qualified mental health providers of art therapy and psychotherapy.